Drew Miller -finishes spring season with $1,952.50 donation to Carson’s Crusaders

Drew Miller -finishes spring season with $1,952.50 donation to Carson’s Crusaders
May 15, 2013 carsonsCRU

Kimberly Richardson shares,  “Drew Miller, with his “Birdies for Charity”, turned in $1,952.50 for his last semester at Allen High School to Carson’s Crusaders Foundation.  We are so grateful to him and everyone who has supported him over the last couple of years.  Drew truly mirrors Carson’s love to help others and we feel so blessed to have been able to benefit from his hard work.  Thanks Drew!  You are amazing!”

Pictured are George Richardson (Executive Director of Carson’s Crusaders), Drew Miller, and Kimberly Richardson (Board President of Carson’s Crusaders) with Drew doing the hand off” of the $1,952.50 resulting from the Spring Series.

Drew will be heading off to college in the fall. As a high school freshman, he set a goal of donating $10,000 to charity through “Birdie’s for Charity”. It is exciting to share that Drew surpassed his goal for a total of $12,131. CONGRATULATIONS DREW!!!!

Some highlights of Drew’s career are shared below:

Check out his story as told on Chevy Hometown Heroes, the segment on Drew begins at 5:27, check it out here!

Click Here to see Drew being interviewed by George Riba of WFAA-Channel 8 in Dallas


Thank you Drew for your support of Carson’s Crusaders Foundation and the families the foundation serves!!! Best wishes for a bright future at college and golf.