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Kentucky Derby Party Benefiting Carson’s Crusaders Foundation

Kentucky Derby Party Benefiting Carson’s Crusaders Foundation
January 10, 2020 carsonsCRU
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On May 2nd Carson’s Crusaders Foundation will host our First Annual Kentucky Derby Party.  Over the last 8 years, the Foundation has hosted numerous events to raise funds for children and families affected by pediatric cancer.  These events have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for families in need.  The Foundation is certain that this new and fun event will prove to be another big success.

Carson’s Crusaders Foundation is focusing our sponsorship solicitations on respected local businesses, like yours, that are a staple in our community.  By sponsoring this event, your company has the opportunity to:

*Gain or expand visibility in the local community

*Participate in a successful community event

*Support an event that directly benefits children and families in North Texas affected by pediatric cancer.

We are proud to invite you to join us as a sponsor in support of the Kentucky Derby Party, and we have enclosed the levels of sponsorship available.

Since 2011, Carson’s Crusaders Foundation has been helping children and families affected by solid tumor pediatric cancer with transportation assistance and sibling support along with promoting childhood cancer awareness.  We are proud to say that over the last 8 years the transportation assistance program has provided families in need with over 33,000 trips to the hospital for life saving cancer treatment.  The Foundation has also provided over $300,000 in sibling support programs, focusing on the siblings of cancer patients that often lack the attention they deserve.

Are you willing to support The Crusade Run and help families battling pediatric cancer?  Will you join us on May 2nd and be a part of this amazing community event?  Please contact me, Kimberly Richardson, at 214-235-6916 with any questions or to schedule a convenient time for me to pick up your sponsor form.

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