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  • “When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family’s life is turned upside down. Suddenly, there are numerous expenses that the family had not planned on such as medical bills, transportation costs, etc. When I meet with families for the first time, they always ask about assistance with parking. Regardless of a family’s income level, the extra costs associated with gas, parking, etc. add up in a hurry. The transportation support from Carson’s Crusaders brings a peace of mind to these families as they try to find their new normal.”

    RebeccaRoesch, MSSW,LCSW

    Pediatric SocialWorker, Medical City Children’s Hospital

  • Carson’s Crusaders,

    Just a little note to say thanks for the gas cards and parking passes you provided to us to help get my son “David” to and from (the hospital) for his treatments. Because of your foundation, a heavy burden was lifted off us and we are able to focus on what’s important…and that’s our three-year-old “Brave Heart!”


    The A. Family


  • Dear Carson’s Crusaders,

    Average Distance Driven to Treatment: 103 Miles

    Thank you for the gas cards we have received. The many trips to the hospital begin to add up.








  • Hello,

    Let me say “Thank you” for assisting us during this difficult time. The parking passes have been a true blessing to our family …as I have been unable to work during my son’s inpatient status. ‘Tom’ is 17 yrs old, and recently graduated from high school. ..looking at college …even during his last months of treatment!

    It has been tough for ‘Tom’ being rediagnosed with cancer again, after recently finishing
    his chemo treatments two moths ago. He battled Rhabdomyosarcoma for the last 14
    months, and later found out the chemo did not kill all the cells.

    He has been in the hospital for the last 6 weeks fighting for his life, doctors have given him little hope …However, we fight on believing in God for another miracle. He has an awesome outlook, and refuses to give up! Even the nurses fight over him to care for him because he is very loving and positive! He is a true blessing and inspiration to those who come in contact with him.

    Please know we appreciate your act of love on behalf of the little boy who inspired this
    foundation …helping so many families in need of assistance.

    May God continue to bless you always!

    S.F.D (‘Tom’s’ mom)





    “We received a sibling bracelet in the mail with a letter and we wanted to say Thank you. Sean is 5 and is our solid tumor kid/ he is currently being treated at [one of the hospitals you serve]. He has a sister that is 9 and two brothers that are 8 and 3. We appreciate all your foundation is doing and the awareness that it’s spreading. We look forward to meeting you soon. Please keep us informed on events, we would love to come participate.


    N. & P.








The average number of siblings in each household we’ve served so far is 1.5