Brighten The Night Gala Benefiting Carsons Crusaders

Brighten The Night Gala Benefiting Carsons Crusaders
February 23, 2020 Gary Taylor

Thank you to everyone that participated in Brighten the Night 2019.  What an amazing evening.  Watching the generosity, love and support for Carson’s Crusaders Foundation and the families we are serving is truly an inspiration.

Since 2013 Carson’s Crusaders Foundation has been providing programs and services to families in the fight against pediatric cancer.  We have been blessed to continue to grow each year and it is because of the success of events such as Brighten the Night and the participation by YOU, our supporters,  that allows us to continue to serve more families in need.

This year is no different.  With your support, Brighten the Night raised over $141,000!  That’s $141,000 to benefit children and families battling every day in the fight against cancer.  With the funds raised at the 2019 Brighten the Night Gala and Live Auction, Carson’s Crusaders Foundation will be able to fund the following programs in 2020.

New The Superstar Sibling Birthday Bear Program.  Your donations will allow us to celebrate our Superstar Siblings by gifting them a stuffed animal on their birthday.  YOU have funded this new program for the next two years!

Great Wolf Lodge Event- Brighten the Night raised money to cover the cost of sending 35 Superstar Siblings to our signature Great Wolf Lodge event in the spring.  YOU also covered the cost for 10 families to attend this amazing event.

Superstar Sibling Gift Program- YOUR donations raised $10,000 to allow us to mail gifts to our Superstar Siblings throughout the year, reminding them that they are not alone in this journey.

Parking Passes- Your donations will allow us to provide 35 families with parking passes for all of 2020.

Transportation Assistance- $16,000 was raised at our Brighten the Night event to fund gas cards for our transportation assistance program.  That accounts for 160 families receiving a $100 gas card to get their child to a potentially lifesaving cancer treatment.

This is just a small glimpse of how your support of Brighten the Night is benefitting the over 500 families in North Texas with a child with pediatric cancer.

As we look toward 2020, Carson’s Crusaders Foundation will continue to provide support and assistance to children and families affected by pediatric cancer.  Our transportation assistance program and sibling support program will continue to support families in need.  We are excited that our sibling scholarship program will also continue in 2020 and we are hopeful to continue to test pilot our program to assist leukemia patients.

Thank you for your continued support of Carson’s Crusaders Foundation.

Jeff and Kirsten Fair

John and Angi Wedemeyer