Childhood Cancer Awareness

Although thousands of American children are diagnosed with cancer each year, many people know very little about childhood cancer and the battle that these children face.  Carson’s Crusaders Foundation is committed to raising awareness about childhood cancer in our community.  Just as pink is the color to represent breast cancer awareness, GOLD represents childhood cancer awareness.  Each year during the month of September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Carson’s Crusaders will “Paint the Town Gold” in an effort to educate our neighbors and to encourage our community to support families affected by childhood cancer.  Please visit “Paint the Town Gold” under Programs to read more about our plans for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and other awareness events throughout year.

This is a list of signs and symptoms that may be warning signs for childhood cancer.  If your child or any child you love is experiencing these symptoms, please have them evaluated by their pediatrician.  Remember that childhood cancer is rare and that these symptoms are also associated with other common illnesses in children.

Continued, unexplained weight loss

Headaches, often with vomiting, at night or early morning

Increased swelling or persistent pain in bones, joints, back or legs

Lump or mass, especially in the abdomen, neck, chest, pelvis or armpits

Development of excessive bruising, bleeding or rash

Constant infections

A whitish color behind the pupil

Nausea which persists or vomiting without nausea

Constant tiredness or noticeable paleness

Eye or vision changes that occur suddenly or persist

Recurrent fevers of unknown origin