Testimonials Continued

Carson’s Crusaders,

We cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge. Our family had an amazing time. We felt honored that you chose our family to be blessed by this event. You did a wonderful thing by showing our son’s siblings just how awesome they are. They are our Superstars! They have all given up so much during this time. It felt so good for them (and us) to just be together and have some fun and to forget about cancer and treatments for a while. It was wonderful for us to meet other families going through the same thing that we are- to know that you’re not alone in this battle.

We want to send a special thanks to Carson’s mom, grandfather, and brother Collin (Our daughter just loved you!). Thanks for taking what I know was the hardest part of your lives and blessing others through your son’s life and legacy. We are truly grateful!

Thanks again!

To the generous men and women of Carson’s Crusaders,

Thank you all so very much for the ways that you have loved and served our family and so many other families who have wrestled with the difficulties of childhood cancer. Your sacrifice of time, energy, resources and finances are such a welcome blessing at a time when there are so many unanswered questions and so much anxiety and fear. When we were in need of help with travel expenses you were there. When we were in need of a break and a time of rest and relaxation, you were there. Thank you so much for being instruments of love and encouragement in the hands of the Lord. Your faithfulness to care for others and to think of them more highly than yourself is a blessing to the name of our great God and King.

Thank You.

*This thank you note was accompanied by separate thank you notes from each child. Below are their notes:

Child A:

Dear Carson’s Crusaders,

You have been a joy to me and my family. From big things like a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge, to little things like providing money for gas, you have been there for us. I would like to thank you specifically for the Great Wolf Lodge stay. We had a wonderful time there. The party was awesome and I really liked the bingo. The drawings were tense but still fun. Overall, we had a wonderful time. Thank You!

Child B:

Dear Carson’s Crusaders,

Thank you for the trip to The Great Wolf Lodge. It was very fun. Thank you for giving my brother a chance to have a lot of fun. This idea for all the fun projects was a great idea. We had lots of fun. God bless ya’ll and keep you safe.

“There’s not enough words to describe how thankful we are with the opportunity the Foundation gave us to assist us to Great Wolf Lodge. My kids had an amazing time and so did we. As a parent it is an indescribable feeling to see our kids laugh and enjoy again and forget for a little bit about hospitals, treatments, and ER visits, especially for Siblings. We all enjoyed meeting your team of volunteers and the other families, but what we liked the most was the feeling of knowing we are not alone.

Thank you Carson’s Crusaders!”