Transportation Stories

In early January 2013, we celebrated the start of our second year as an organization with the launch of Carson’s Crusaders Foundation Transportation Program!

Kimberly Richardson (President), Amber Holifield (Programs Chairperson), and George Richardson (Executive Director) had the honor of hand delivering the first batch of gas cards and parking passes to social workers at Medical City Children’s Hospital, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Cook Children’s Hospital.

Following are the stories of a few of the families we have served.

  •  One single mom was struggling to figure out how she would get her child to daily radiation treatments with her limited income and the price of gas.  A gas card from Carson’s Crusaders Foundation gave her the means to bring her child to treatment.
  • Another family is preparing for their child’s second bone marrow transplant.  This family will be separated for the next few months while the child is confined to the hospital after the transplant.  As the sole bread-winner for the family, the father has to stay home to continue working while his wife and child are 60 miles away in the hospital.  Our gas card gave the father the opportunity to visit his family in the hospital.
  • Yet another family has an infant who has spent most of her little life in the hospital.  She is currently receiving her fourth round of chemo.  This young family’s home is over an hour from the hospital, and the repeated trips and medicals costs are a huge financial burden for them.  Our gas card helped to alleviate a small part of that burden.

Some of these children would have missed treatment had they not received assistance from Carson’s Crusaders Foundation.  Most of these families have multiple children, one income, and numerous trips of 30-70 miles to the hospital.

We are grateful for the contributions this past year that allowed us to serve these families.  A difference in has been made in the lives of these families who are battling childhood cancer.  We are looking forward to and incredibly thankful for the continued support of our donors as we strive to serve many more families in their time of need.